Two suns

In the summer blue sky of Hiroshima, two suns of 12000 degrees centigrade, which Hisashi Inoue wrote in his work "living with my father", appeared.

The surface temperature of the sun is 6000 degrees. The two suns of madness was released by the hands of human beings.

Every person who was there and all the lives that lead to him or her were cut off by that light, wind and heat.

100,000 people of Shinichi Kidani passed away that day.

First of all was a ‘light’. People who disappeared instantly with that light described as "light collected a thousand suns", was a lot.

Then people who burned out in a blink of an instant with a high temperature blast, was infinite.

A person who survived unexpectedly inflated the whole body in black with a burn, the skin was turned into slither, arms were torn, the belly were split, the internal organs spilling, the eyeball popped out.

People far from the hypocenter have been pierced with thousands broken pieces of glass and there were the fire that occur one after another and no places to escape even trying.
People falling for river seeking salvation and drown one after another

A tornado rolls up, people were raised up high in the sky and struck on the ground for death.

Suddenly, children crying can not move because they are caught in the house. Watching closely it was a acquaintance's kid. The fire was approaching there immediately.

Even though most of his body was out, one leg was crushed between the pillars and it could not be pulled out.

I tried to help but could not do anything. Even if I looked around there were only black people who walk like crazy in naked.

"I'm sorry I can not help you." "It will be easier soon." Shinichi apologized saying so, and  put his hands together and leave like escaping from the place.

He also had a serious burn injury himself. There were barely half of the trousers left in the clothes. The shoes were missing out before long. There were swollen and black faces even not recognized who they were.

“I guess me too”. While idly thinking about such things and being swept away by the escaping crowd as it is being thrown by the fire, Shinichi tried to ask the safety of acquaintances.

He kept walking until evening while detouring far away where he could not get through because of burning up. He continued walking on the mountain of dead bodies. It often happened that he slipped on the torn skins.

All corpses began to rot in the afternoon. The sky was cloudy with black smoke.

Every time to meet someone, he asked their name, but he could not recognize who they were at all. Everybody were looking for somebody. Where did they go?

"I want to drink water, I want to drink water .."

Shinichi already became to think about only that.

Shinichi Kidani; passed away at 70 years old on August 6th evening in 1952.

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不幸にも生き延びてしまった人は 火傷で全身を真っ黒に膨らませ 皮膚がベロベロにめくれ 腕が千切れ 腹が裂け 内臓がこぼれ落ち 目玉が飛び出て 

爆心地から離れていた人には 無数にガラスの破片が突き刺さる

そして あちこちで次々と起こる火事 逃げようにも逃げるところがない

川に救いを求めてなだれ込む人々は 次から次へと溺れ死に

竜巻が巻き起こり 人々は天高く舞い上げられ 地面に叩きつけられて死に














木谷真一 享年70歳
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